Tänzerin Mona Berntsen gibt Statement via Instagram ab

Nun hat sich auch die Tänzerin Mona Berntsen via Instagram & Facebook zu dem Madonna-Auftritt beim ESC zu Wort gemeldet. Sie war die Tänzerin, welche die Flagge Palästinas auf ihrem Rücken trug. Mona Berntsen hat schon für Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake oder Alicia Keys gearbeitet – und jetzt eben auch für Madonna. Auch im Video zu Medellin ist sie zu sehen.

Sieh dir diesen Beitrag auf Instagram an

WAKE UP! Thank you #Madonna for having me as a part of your statement, and for having me carry the Palestinian flag in front of the hundreds of millions of viewers. ❤🇵🇸❤ Unfortunately, the suppression in the West Bank is real. The hours following yesterday’s show have been intense, but never had I imagined feeling monitored in the way that I was. Airport check-in passing my passport around, and then being held for interrogation by the head of security for more than 1,5 hours! Having to tell my whole life story, my reasons for having travelled to Arabic countries throughout my life, my religious relations, my family matters, showing my detailed daily schedules for my stay, and having to explain exactly what I did and where I went last time I was in Jerusalem 3 years ago. EVERYTHING! On my way OUT of the country! All presumably for carrying a flag as part of a performance making a statement about a current conflict, to promote peace, unity and freedom. I can‘t even imagine the monitoring and suppression the Palestinian people are facing on a daily basis. 😢 I have so much respect for the people that speak up when witnessing injustice, using whichever platform they have to raise awareness. The last few days I’ve seen a movement of people doing just that. I’ve seen local Palestinian and Israeli musicians arrange their own #Gazavision, I’ve seen artists I know travel to Bethlehem to perform at #Globalvision, and I’ve seen people all over Europe boycott #Eurovision. All to use their voice for the ones that are not being heard. Thank you so much @madonna for using this performance to speak up. ❤

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Mona Berntsen (@monaberntsen) am

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